Nairobi Matatu Dons

1 10 2010

I’m counting down the biggest names in the matatu industry; some are still part of it, while others surrendered. To ward off aspiring groupies and hangers on, I will not be mentioning full government names up in here…sorry.

These are just the ones I know so hit the comment section if you know one that I haven’t mentioned.

KU 45

KU’s Nganya Don is no doubt Abu. From Lollipop->Earthquake-> Chiwawa (KBA) to Chiwawa (KBE)->Chihuahua, he has managed to hold KU down with no stress at all. No competition there.

Bano 106

Despite some competition from Homeboyz and Backyard, I Feel Nothing stays the biggest brand ever to hit Limuru road. Bryan (Bryo) OWNED the route with mats like Drama, Gucci, Black Market, Lollipop, PHD, Rehab and the legendary State House. In fact if you look at my earlier post Throwback Thursday, he owns 3 out of the six 106 mats.

Unfortunately due to police harassment and all other stresses of being in the business, he decided to let go of all his mats and invest in entertainment joints. He owns the Red Carpet clubs, two in Ngara and one in Bano.

We are hoping he’ll make a comeback.

Umoh 35/60

One word, DUST! Frank takes it in that neck of the wood. If you were at the Nganya Awards you couldn’t have missed the grand entrance he made with the convoy of big cars, himself pushing a Hummer. And when I say push I mean drive. NYPD,LAPD and IRS are some of the mats he owns, ride in one of them and give me feedback.

Buru 58

Here it’s a duel between Mike Sonko (Jewel, Ferrari, Ruffcuts, Grills, Lakers etc) and Livondo (Brainchild). Both are big names but Mike easily wins this one coz, well, he is now the government.

So who’s next to campaign?


Mike Sonko needs to chill.

28 09 2010

Dear Mike,

I may have spoken too soon congratulating you on your win. See I was kinda hoping you would turn down the ghetto-fabulousness a notch,or maybe dump the ‘corporate gangster’ look as soon as you got to Parliament but, not happening.

Roughing up a media personality was a wrong move. You can NEVER win a war against the media,they will drag your name in the mud like you cant believe. Those are people you need playing on your side. Plus we really don’t want these old folk telling us ‘we told you so’ about electing you. Lots of young people look up to you,so please act accordingly.

But we will also not brush aside what you said about having threats made against your life. We know our government hasn’t proven very effective in protecting its citizens so sometimes, one has to do it himself.

Maybe these are some of the things you should bring up in parliament, and while you are at it,we want our nganyas back *Flips weave*.

Update, I’m watching the evening news right now and just like I predicted,its on. They have started with the mud slinging, and its not looking pretty.


26 09 2010

Hey guys,

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This is also meant to explain the watermarks on my pictures.

Have a splendid Sunday y’all. :-*

Throwback Thursday

23 09 2010

Its about time I took a walk down memory lane. Todays route of interest is Banana 106,with a few others thrown in. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

PHD 106

Black Market 106

Guv'ner 106

Mist 106

Rehab 106

Splendor 106

and finally,from Zimma 44;

Black Supremacy 44

These mats were IT in 2009. From multiple HD screens,10Js name it.

They have all since been downgraded to regular looking white mats,with the exception of Black Supremacy which stays fly but only operates at off-peak hours.

Congratulations Mike ‘Sonko’ Mbuvi

21 09 2010

I know you know politics really isn’t my forte, but this is matatu related so stay with me.

I just want to congratulate Mike Sonko for capturing the Makadara seat,to be honest I never really thought he could do it. I thought he was just the odd first timer trying to get his name out there for better prospects in 2012. So you can understand why I went ‘WTF just happened?!?’ when it broke on TV that he had ACTUALLY WON! And most of all against veterans like Reuben Ndolo and Mr. Dick, Im proud of you son.

Mike is a Buruburu big shot who made his money investing majorly in the matatu industry. Rumor has it that he is offering free rides on his mats for a week..I donno,Im gonna have to get a confirmation from a Buruan on this one.

For those not in the know, Mike (also known as Artur) is the guy behind mats like Jewel, Ferrari, Ruffcuts, Grills, Lakers, and that double decker bus, All 58’s, and Club Casurina in Buru.

I know this is a really long shot but I’m truly hoping he will do something to bring back our matatu culture,we just cannot live like this.

I had gotten so used to picking mats at my bus stop that going back to boarding just anything, (since they all look the same now) was hard to adjust to. If only we had Ali ‘Mr. I Don’t Care’ Mwakwere on the transport helm,things would be looking up.

Some pics of his mats;


Brown Sugar




Pictures sent by readers,loving the support. Thanks y’all 😀

Latest Reps

10 07 2010

So I finally got over the ugly looking mats in town, and accepted that there’s nothing I, or anyone outside the government can do to rescue our streets.

I compiled a few pics of the current ‘it’ mats on the respective routes, you know, just to keep the blog moving.

Funny thing is, a year ago these same mats wouldnt have made headlines but with the giants down,they have no choice but to run the streets.

Here we go though…

Adonai-currently running Jericho

Raw Denim-Runs Buru 58


Gambino side view

Gambino back view

So far the only people sending me pics are from Buru, Jeri and related routes, hence their visibility on this site. Should you want me to rep your route send pics to and I’ll definately big you up.

End of an Era

31 05 2010

If you’ve been out of Nairobi for more than 2 weeks,you will not be able to recognize our streets when you get back.
You see the government under the Ministry of Transport decided that we dont need thaaat much colour on our roads, hence all matatus are painted one colour, as appears in the logbook.
Result? Goodbye graffitti and welcome..well, nothing.
I’d have shown some before and after pics but I’m too deppressed, sorry.
What am I supposed to write about anymore? I don’t have no other talents :-(.