Route 45 is the new king!

28 02 2014

Yes I called it!

Gone are the days when Buru and Eastleigh used to show us how its done, the students have now become the teachers y’all! Route 45 has taken ova Nairobi.

Remember when Githurai buses were raggedly old Maranatha’s that you wouldn’t take because you were scared they would give you tetanus? Well now we have Rockers, and Unified, and those babies are HOOOTTTT!

Then there’s the KU side of 45, *sigh* why don’t I just show you?



Frankly speaking, this mat does nothing for me, this design is too generic. However, the crew is descent, Munga is a VERY fast driver, that guy can get you to work in 20 minutes flat! Everything else is just…bleh


This is the other Sweet Heaven (Who comes up with these names?) I like this design to death! So creative!


This right here, ladies and gentlemen, is my FAVOURITE KU mat in the world! I am a bonafide stan for this baby! The design is perfect, it is so spacious on the inside and the sound? Amazeballs!


And of course the newest baby on the block, Venture. I cant comment much on it coz I’ve never sampled it, but from outside, it looks pretty hot.

Have your say, I know you agree with me.

All pics courtesy of Matwana Facebook page. Head on there for more Matatu news, its an awesome group.



28 02 2014

I know its been a while fellow Matheads, the industry went down, then came up again aaaannnnd…… here we are.

I’m glad someone up there decided to just let Mats be, its part of our Kenyan culture is it not? Anyhoo, sorry I abandoned the blog, lets see if I can do something about it now that our roads are colorful again.




Dustbin in Matatus??? Thats ridiculous!

18 02 2011

I know I speak for a lot of Kenyans when I say the idea of fixing a dustbin in a matatu, especially a 14 seater is pure fuckery.

How in God’s name do we travel in a matatu with a dustbin in it???? Isn’t that in itself air pollution? So what next, dustbins in Taxis?

If the government does not want people to invest in the matatu industry, they should just go ahead and say so. But this stupidity has got to end.

That is all.

Support Our Call Against The Banning Of Graffiti On Our Mats

12 11 2010

Fellow Matatu Maniacs,
We can’t just sit back and watch our culture go dow the drain hivi hivi tu. Fly matatus are part of us, its what we do.
I do suspect a hidden agenda in this sudden push for Sacco controlled buses on our routes. I know the Minister has something to gain from it.
Let me ask you, how many Nairobi based mats have you heard kill people on the roads? Now compare that number to the Sacco run long distance buses.My point is matatus do NOT kill people, reckless drivers do, and that’s what the Hon. Minister needs to be concentrating on,not how the mat looks.
So fellow maniacs, join our cause, click on and leave your signature there. We will make sure Mr. Kimunya lends us an ear.
Oh and…tell your friends.

Sampling Up-Country Buses

6 10 2010

So I have to travel to the big city by the lakeside this weekend. Of course I’m going by road dummy,why would a pass on a chance to sample kina Modern Coast and Kampala Coach?

Its happens to be on short notice, so I really don’t have time to visit all the individual booking offices to compare services and most importantly, prices. So I decided to take the shortcut and just use the Internet, as I always say, Google is your friend.

I started with Akamba, in their contact section I found different phone numbers for different branches but alas! non of the six numbers I called were picked. I even tried calling the Lagos/Latema Road Branch Manager but, nothing. Even the headquarters in Industrial Area had no staff to tend to the clients!
Akamba management, I was seriously thinking of traveling with you but I’m sorry, you have a lost a client. You need to fire your whole customer service department, they suck.

Second I googled Easy Coach, now I like EC,they have set a service standard that cannot be rivaled lakini their prices! How do they quote Kshs 1100 Nairobi-Kisumu when their competitors are quoting 300bob lower? Shindwa kabisa.

My third stop was Kampala Coach. I have nothing to say about them as almost all the numbers they had listed on their site were unavailable, and the only one that was working went unanswered. Mko down.

Fourth stop, Crown Bus. These guys have the best customer service in the industry. My call rang not more than twice when a very friendly and professional sounding gentleman picked up. He gave me clear directions to their offices and quoted a price of 900 bob. Upto that point I was gonna travel with them until I came across the next site.

My final call was to Modern Coast. Customer service was ok,but unprofessional. It sounded like the customer service guy was walking around Garrissa Lodge with the office phone because when he picked, there was so much background noise we could hardly understand each other.
I did however manage to get that they charge a thao and their buses are air conditioned. Thats all I needed to hear coz beleive me, I have seen those buses, and they are the Nganyas of Up-Country buses.
I mean, look at this thing!

Modern Coast Bus

And the reason I wanna travel with it at night?

Light House

My sensible side wanted to so much to go with Crown but my Nganya loving side won, so Modern Coast it is 🙂

Next time I wanna do Horizon, I hear their buses are hot, first class all the way. Check out the interior;

Horizon Interior

I’ll share my ‘Modern’ experience with y’all on Tuesday, till then, stay good.

You can join their fan group here

Nairobi Matatu Dons

1 10 2010

I’m counting down the biggest names in the matatu industry; some are still part of it, while others surrendered. To ward off aspiring groupies and hangers on, I will not be mentioning full government names up in here…sorry.

These are just the ones I know so hit the comment section if you know one that I haven’t mentioned.

KU 45

KU’s Nganya Don is no doubt Abu. From Lollipop->Earthquake-> Chiwawa (KBA) to Chiwawa (KBE)->Chihuahua, he has managed to hold KU down with no stress at all. No competition there.

Bano 106

Despite some competition from Homeboyz and Backyard, I Feel Nothing stays the biggest brand ever to hit Limuru road. Bryan (Bryo) OWNED the route with mats like Drama, Gucci, Black Market, Lollipop, PHD, Rehab and the legendary State House. In fact if you look at my earlier post Throwback Thursday, he owns 3 out of the six 106 mats.

Unfortunately due to police harassment and all other stresses of being in the business, he decided to let go of all his mats and invest in entertainment joints. He owns the Red Carpet clubs, two in Ngara and one in Bano.

We are hoping he’ll make a comeback.

Umoh 35/60

One word, DUST! Frank takes it in that neck of the wood. If you were at the Nganya Awards you couldn’t have missed the grand entrance he made with the convoy of big cars, himself pushing a Hummer. And when I say push I mean drive. NYPD,LAPD and IRS are some of the mats he owns, ride in one of them and give me feedback.

Buru 58

Here it’s a duel between Mike Sonko (Jewel, Ferrari, Ruffcuts, Grills, Lakers etc) and Livondo (Brainchild). Both are big names but Mike easily wins this one coz, well, he is now the government.

So who’s next to campaign?

Mike Sonko needs to chill.

28 09 2010

Dear Mike,

I may have spoken too soon congratulating you on your win. See I was kinda hoping you would turn down the ghetto-fabulousness a notch,or maybe dump the ‘corporate gangster’ look as soon as you got to Parliament but, not happening.

Roughing up a media personality was a wrong move. You can NEVER win a war against the media,they will drag your name in the mud like you cant believe. Those are people you need playing on your side. Plus we really don’t want these old folk telling us ‘we told you so’ about electing you. Lots of young people look up to you,so please act accordingly.

But we will also not brush aside what you said about having threats made against your life. We know our government hasn’t proven very effective in protecting its citizens so sometimes, one has to do it himself.

Maybe these are some of the things you should bring up in parliament, and while you are at it,we want our nganyas back *Flips weave*.

Update, I’m watching the evening news right now and just like I predicted,its on. They have started with the mud slinging, and its not looking pretty.