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Bet you probably wondering who this person is who is so obsessed with Matatus right?

I know most people don’t really care to know the name of the mats they take,or who drives them. If it gets them to work,thats all they need to care about.

Well I notice mats, I love cars in general so when I see something on the road that is different from the ordinary, I just have to stop and appreciate.

Im 23, female and a true Nairobian.

You can hit me up whenever you got questions or views on how to make this site better. Pictures of your favourite mats are also welcome.

Any media used on this blog  is the property of  its  respective owner.  As much as possible, I will credit the owners of photos, and any other media used.  I make no claim to it whatsoever, and do not use it for commercial purposes.  If you are the owner of any of the media used on this blog, and don’t want it used here, please contact me @ babbygirrl86@yahoo.com, and I will promptly remove it at your request.

Much love.


28 responses

23 09 2010

I love what your doing! continue!!!

23 09 2010

Thanks girl! You just made my day. Nice to know someone enjoys reading this 🙂

8 12 2010

are u where about what am doing?

14 10 2010

Wow, this is actually really cool! Something I’ve never paid attention to, but already know I’m about to just randomly start noticing whenever I’m on the road. 😉

14 10 2010

Lol, Thanks Buttaflyy.
You should totally travel to Kenya someday and enjoy public transport here. :-*

1 12 2010

Please email me. Need to talk opportunities 🙂

2 12 2010

I will def do that.

2 12 2010

Your email add doesn’t work. My email bounced back

8 12 2010

i like the matatu operators that they hard work to their resource. but one thing i would not agree with them that they shift their fares from 20 bob 2 hundred fro town 2 Githurai washindwe na we shall goma to travell with them. Olso the operators of up country hey have the same habit from NRB to KSM normal fare iis 500 but when it reaches tha season of holiday it become 1500 why this happens and yet we are the same people whom they {bembeleza} to travel even 400 normal time shame on them please the Government take note of these habit

8 12 2010

I hear you. That’s one of the negative things about this industry. They sometimes really don’t have customer care at all.

26 01 2011

Ur blog is hot.we hope that tuta eza ungana ka mayouth we do something together to keep this culture alive……

27 01 2011

I will definitely do all that I can.

6 02 2011
kelvin mcgroy

wow u r cool . can i get some pics of this mats???i live in huruma i”ll send u some pis
in huruma,i”ll send u some pics of our hot mats!!!!

7 02 2011

Sure send me pics!

23 03 2011

we need another awards 4 nganyaz

23 03 2011

I agree!

14 07 2011

nihow,skuhizi zimma hakuna mat manyanga,nakama ni manyanga ni ka KBH something,bt this busez bana zina compe mbaya na ndio zachukuliwa manyanga-akina maranatha na paradiso

26 07 2011

Sad situation….

29 07 2011

so mr mat mania, did you know you could have booked online for a couple of upcountru buses you took ?….on your phone or computer….www.emanamba.com ?????

30 05 2012
titi lilo

graffiti desighners needed asap….for my three new matts…hola

7 06 2012

Hi! We have developed this application called MatNavi, meaning matatu navigation system.

you can check it out on this link


if you are interested, kindly talk about it on your blog am sure its something relevant.

People can now rely on matnavi application on android mobile, than keep asking people and you know well that kenyans are bad in directions..


28 02 2014

This is kinda awesome! I like that idea, is it available for download yet?

26 07 2012

kazi kwa vijana hola 0711308209

27 01 2014
Voskeh malunta

I lov wat u du chq. Mi pia hupenda mat ile wow.. Am reppin eaxich massiv tangu utotoni, eaxich kuna manyanga mingi itx big rival ikiwa buru bt n watoi na wako nurxery kwa i game. 2kianza na enzi za kina baby a.k.a birdman all tha way 2 gaza na revolution na pia wu tang killer beez KBF. Ndo inaxhka i mwaka. Inaririmba ile mbaya. Ni firimbi yao.. Big up kina kama… Bdw av a quextion, nataka ku fotomania mat kali za ixich how ix tht poxible??

28 02 2014

Pics! I want pics!
Nimekuwa busy sana na life, I barely have time to take pics za nganya, would really appreciate that 🙂

13 03 2014
half barbie, half ghetto

Hey. I like your blog! Could you add pics of the inside of matatus. Especially the ones with tv in them, cool seats, nini nini . thanks!

25 06 2015

ive read all your blogs and they are awesome!!! Good job done.What happened?you have not posted anything since 2014 would love to read more of your work

28 04 2016
Kevin kuria

hi…Im a HUGE mathree fan and I would really appreciate post on these hoods and their awesome javs back then….kikuyu 105, dandora 32/42, ngong111 back in the day with pics

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