Route 45 is the new king!

28 02 2014

Yes I called it!

Gone are the days when Buru and Eastleigh used to show us how its done, the students have now become the teachers y’all! Route 45 has taken ova Nairobi.

Remember when Githurai buses were raggedly old Maranatha’s that you wouldn’t take because you were scared they would give you tetanus? Well now we have Rockers, and Unified, and those babies are HOOOTTTT!

Then there’s the KU side of 45, *sigh* why don’t I just show you?



Frankly speaking, this mat does nothing for me, this design is too generic. However, the crew is descent, Munga is a VERY fast driver, that guy can get you to work in 20 minutes flat! Everything else is just…bleh


This is the other Sweet Heaven (Who comes up with these names?) I like this design to death! So creative!


This right here, ladies and gentlemen, is my FAVOURITE KU mat in the world! I am a bonafide stan for this baby! The design is perfect, it is so spacious on the inside and the sound? Amazeballs!


And of course the newest baby on the block, Venture. I cant comment much on it coz I’ve never sampled it, but from outside, it looks pretty hot.

Have your say, I know you agree with me.

All pics courtesy of Matwana Facebook page. Head on there for more Matatu news, its an awesome group.




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21 06 2014

Welcome back!!!!!!!!

18 07 2014


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