Dustbin in Matatus??? Thats ridiculous!

18 02 2011

I know I speak for a lot of Kenyans when I say the idea of fixing a dustbin in a matatu, especially a 14 seater is pure fuckery.

How in God’s name do we travel in a matatu with a dustbin in it???? Isn’t that in itself air pollution? So what next, dustbins in Taxis?

If the government does not want people to invest in the matatu industry, they should just go ahead and say so. But this stupidity has got to end.

That is all.




2 responses

1 04 2011

Actually the reason y gava is coming up with these so called regulations is not 2 streamline tha matatu industry but 2 face them off the streets . the same thing is happening in south africa, they r also scrapping out 14 seaters in favour 4 buses. as time goes by the 29 seaters will be next

1 04 2011

Well that’s not fair,at all.

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