Support Our Call Against The Banning Of Graffiti On Our Mats

12 11 2010

Fellow Matatu Maniacs,
We can’t just sit back and watch our culture go dow the drain hivi hivi tu. Fly matatus are part of us, its what we do.
I do suspect a hidden agenda in this sudden push for Sacco controlled buses on our routes. I know the Minister has something to gain from it.
Let me ask you, how many Nairobi based mats have you heard kill people on the roads? Now compare that number to the Sacco run long distance buses.My point is matatus do NOT kill people, reckless drivers do, and that’s what the Hon. Minister needs to be concentrating on,not how the mat looks.
So fellow maniacs, join our cause, click on and leave your signature there. We will make sure Mr. Kimunya lends us an ear.
Oh and…tell your friends.




2 responses

9 12 2010

Its about time that we fight for our culture! More energy should be directed to other pressing issues such as insecurity, development projects, food and water security!t! btw why is it that most Transport ministers tend to concentrate on matatus only and in real sense there are other means of transport such as rail, water and air transport? pimped mats dont cause accidents, its the drivers that do! have you noticed how careless these truck are?
When is the last time that you had the transport formulate any policy regarding the airline, rail or marine sector?

16 01 2011

yea maze thats not fair i vote for graffiti on our mathrees

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