Kampala Coach-FAIL!

27 10 2010

Ladies and gentlemen DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT ever travel with Kampala Coach, sure they are cheap,but so are their services.
Here are my reasons;

I booked 36 hours in advance after failing to get my desired seat on Modern Coast. This was a last resort as all other buses were fully booked, and it was getting late. I booked the second last seat from the back for two. I was going with a friend and we had to sit pamoja.

But alas! the next day when I reported things changed. First I was denied entry because, note this, I had no ID with me! Since when do I need to have an ID to be allowed free movement in my own country??? I was traveling to Kisumu,which is in Kenya, why the hell do I need to identify myself?? They had my name,my phone and ID number which in my view that was TMI already!

So I went back to the booking office to ask for a refund,since it was decided that I wasn’t gonna travel with them anyways, so then note; they were not going to issue a refund because ‘a booking once made cannot be unnmade’ at this point I was furious. I told the supervisor guy that we were not leaving that office until they gave us a refund and if that involved calling the police then so be it.

After much consulting and whispering amongst themselves they finally decided to let us travel bila ID, a refund was just not happening.

Please know that had they informed us at the point of making the booking that we had to have our cards with us it wouldn’t have been this big an issue,tungebeba ID,its really not that heavy.

So finally we got in the bus (which was filled with Ugandan football fans, just from the Kenya-Uganda match) only to find some Ugandan guy on our seat! The guy refused to move and the Kampala Coach guys did nothing to help us.

After much arguing we ended up traveling ON THE BACK SEAT! Yaani I gave MORDERN COAST a pass because they only had back seats available only to end up on the back seat of KAMPALA COACH! It was the worst trip ever.

To add salt to injury the driver was on some serious Miraa and rusha rushad us all the way to Kisumu. By 1.00am sharp we were at Kisumu, we had started travelling at 9.00pm!
Never again.




One response

10 11 2010
P. O. R.

Please, can you PM me and tell me few more things about this, I am really fan of your blog…

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