Sampling Up-Country Buses

6 10 2010

So I have to travel to the big city by the lakeside this weekend. Of course I’m going by road dummy,why would a pass on a chance to sample kina Modern Coast and Kampala Coach?

Its happens to be on short notice, so I really don’t have time to visit all the individual booking offices to compare services and most importantly, prices. So I decided to take the shortcut and just use the Internet, as I always say, Google is your friend.

I started with Akamba, in their contact section I found different phone numbers for different branches but alas! non of the six numbers I called were picked. I even tried calling the Lagos/Latema Road Branch Manager but, nothing. Even the headquarters in Industrial Area had no staff to tend to the clients!
Akamba management, I was seriously thinking of traveling with you but I’m sorry, you have a lost a client. You need to fire your whole customer service department, they suck.

Second I googled Easy Coach, now I like EC,they have set a service standard that cannot be rivaled lakini their prices! How do they quote Kshs 1100 Nairobi-Kisumu when their competitors are quoting 300bob lower? Shindwa kabisa.

My third stop was Kampala Coach. I have nothing to say about them as almost all the numbers they had listed on their site were unavailable, and the only one that was working went unanswered. Mko down.

Fourth stop, Crown Bus. These guys have the best customer service in the industry. My call rang not more than twice when a very friendly and professional sounding gentleman picked up. He gave me clear directions to their offices and quoted a price of 900 bob. Upto that point I was gonna travel with them until I came across the next site.

My final call was to Modern Coast. Customer service was ok,but unprofessional. It sounded like the customer service guy was walking around Garrissa Lodge with the office phone because when he picked, there was so much background noise we could hardly understand each other.
I did however manage to get that they charge a thao and their buses are air conditioned. Thats all I needed to hear coz beleive me, I have seen those buses, and they are the Nganyas of Up-Country buses.
I mean, look at this thing!

Modern Coast Bus

And the reason I wanna travel with it at night?

Light House

My sensible side wanted to so much to go with Crown but my Nganya loving side won, so Modern Coast it is 🙂

Next time I wanna do Horizon, I hear their buses are hot, first class all the way. Check out the interior;

Horizon Interior

I’ll share my ‘Modern’ experience with y’all on Tuesday, till then, stay good.

You can join their fan group here




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