Nairobi Matatu Dons

1 10 2010

I’m counting down the biggest names in the matatu industry; some are still part of it, while others surrendered. To ward off aspiring groupies and hangers on, I will not be mentioning full government names up in here…sorry.

These are just the ones I know so hit the comment section if you know one that I haven’t mentioned.

KU 45

KU’s Nganya Don is no doubt Abu. From Lollipop->Earthquake-> Chiwawa (KBA) to Chiwawa (KBE)->Chihuahua, he has managed to hold KU down with no stress at all. No competition there.

Bano 106

Despite some competition from Homeboyz and Backyard, I Feel Nothing stays the biggest brand ever to hit Limuru road. Bryan (Bryo) OWNED the route with mats like Drama, Gucci, Black Market, Lollipop, PHD, Rehab and the legendary State House. In fact if you look at my earlier post Throwback Thursday, he owns 3 out of the six 106 mats.

Unfortunately due to police harassment and all other stresses of being in the business, he decided to let go of all his mats and invest in entertainment joints. He owns the Red Carpet clubs, two in Ngara and one in Bano.

We are hoping he’ll make a comeback.

Umoh 35/60

One word, DUST! Frank takes it in that neck of the wood. If you were at the Nganya Awards you couldn’t have missed the grand entrance he made with the convoy of big cars, himself pushing a Hummer. And when I say push I mean drive. NYPD,LAPD and IRS are some of the mats he owns, ride in one of them and give me feedback.

Buru 58

Here it’s a duel between Mike Sonko (Jewel, Ferrari, Ruffcuts, Grills, Lakers etc) and Livondo (Brainchild). Both are big names but Mike easily wins this one coz, well, he is now the government.

So who’s next to campaign?




5 responses

8 10 2010

we should do an ol’ skool mathree editions;il try get photos for early 90’s Mat e.g
Baby Coach Route 9
Fair Raider Route 32
Mathioya Route 32
Japola Route 58
Karl Kani 58
Anyone with info lets all contribute kindly,it kuwa poa,if we can recollect where this culture began

8 10 2010

That would be great! I swear I’ve been looking for pics of old skul mats kwanza the ones we had back when I was in Skool, in the 90′s and early 2000′s. This culture shaped us,and it hurts that the government doesn’t recognize that.

17 12 2013

Those old skool mathree’s,si usare!I grew up in Dando and was privileged to have seen mathree’s like Eliza Kid,Fair Ride coach,Mathioya coach,Abiola,Spider,Slash,Human Like coach,KZV 120,KAB 68OP,Orlando Magic,all plying route 32.They were just the bomb!anybody with pics?

7 02 2014

I have photos for Karl Kani

28 02 2014

Feel free to send them to us *wink*

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