Nganya Awards Pics

10 02 2010

Due to public demand, here are some of the pics taken on Saturday 30th January 2010 at KICC Grip Nganya Awards.

Jivu, Umoja

Best 29-seater, BrainChild

Heartless celebrating it's win....

BC crew representing


Chihuahua Rt. 45 K.U.

Chihuahua, check out the bullbar

Umoh's NYPD aka Dust!

Heartless back view

Halle Berry back view

Moha Graffix's Lamborghini


NYPD aka Dust

Umoh's NYPD aka Dust!

Rep your route!





11 responses

17 02 2010
Trinity Deserio

Hi, thanks so much for these tips! My blogs usually do bring readers and responses. One thing I do is engage with the readers. Answer questions in responses and make clarifications where needed. I think they appreciate that I take the time to talk to them.

28 05 2010
Davis munene

Its my hood

10 11 2010
ken mungai

acha ufala tunajua si lazima uambie kila mtu

4 10 2010

brain child is the number one nganya in the world &jivu dust hallie berry.

4 10 2010

its my neighbour hood to.

10 11 2010
ken mungai


17 04 2011
joe doc

why cant the gava just let matatu fredom be…its our culture and we are proud of it

10 04 2013
baidu censor

Other countries censor content and not just rogue regimes such as the Iranian mullocracy. Poor people!

18 06 2013
Ron njoroge

Mad love 4 the culture…

6 11 2013

237 thika

12 11 2013

111 ngong..we should not let matatu culture die it makes us kenyan

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